¤ Having minimum 3 liters of water keeps the body hydrated.

¤ Drinking warm water helps tremendously in flushing out toxins and germs.

¤ Warm lemon water with honey helps to ease congestion.

¤ Saline nasal drops can help alleviate congestion of stuffy nose.

¤ Gargling with warm water salt water provides relief to sore throat.

¤ Herbal tea with tulsi(basil)leaves helps prevent growth of bacteria.

¤ Hot tea with honey and ginger provides relief from persistent cough.

¤   Avoid sugar as bacteria feeds on it.



Cratus is an emerging global pharmaceutical company with proven capabilities in the areas of manufacturing and marketing.

Incorporated in 2006, we are one such rare company, that has created ripples in the pharma industry with our impressive and impeccable achievements.

Cratus derives its name through the inspiration of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, respected all over the world for his simplicity, devotion and conviction to serve the ailing humanity.  It started as a dream project of serving the ailing humanity through quality medicines at affordable cost, by visionary promoters, who have rich experience of pharma manufacturing and exports. They were joined by professionals to make a synergistic association resulting into a vibrant and aggressive organization, dedicated to make the dream come true.

Aggressive and innovative marketing policies, best H.R. policies and empathetic management has created an employee friendly environment where all concerned are motivated, dedicated and committed to realize the vision.